3 Things

3 Things


You’ve got 30 seconds and 80+ random objects to choose from. Can you figure out a way to get through a crazy survival scenario?

The object of the game is to gain the most rations possible. 


To start place the Thing chips in the center of the table then shuffle the survival scenarios and place them facedown on the table. Designate 1 player to be the “official” whistle blower and give them the whistle.


The person who most recently used a porta-potty is the first judge. Play then proceeds clockwise around the table. The judge draws the top card of the survival scenario deck and reads it aloud. All the other players then race to pick 3 face up thing chips from the center of the table that will help them survive the scenario.


If a player is slow to collect their objects, the other players are encouraged to heckle them into speeding up. If heckling doesn’t work, then the whistleblower may blow the whistle and end the round, even if all the players haven’t picks 3 thing chips. Now, each player explains to the judge how each of the 3 things they picked will help them survive the scenario. The judge then awards rations to each player for each thing chip they rule as acceptable for the survival scenario.


A player may earn a total of 3 rations, 1 for each thing chip. Players then flip their rations facedown to hide their total score. After scoring, players flip over their Thing chips and return them to middle of the table. The judge discards the survival scenario the player to their left becomes the new judge. Continue playing until every player has been the judge twice, then the player with the most rations, wins.


4-8 Players

Game time: 20 minutes (comes down to the stories)