5 Minute Dungeon

5 Minute Dungeon


Race against the clock to battle through the speediest dungeon known of. Time is the enemy in 5 minute Dungeon! 

"Time is the enemy, the past it threatens the fastest weapon, you wouldn't make it past a second and that's the question, play it fast and reckless or choose a cautious solution you thought was prudent"


Sometimes a dungeon crawl is just that, a crawl. You're patient, take your time and make your 10 foot pole your best friend. But sometimes time is the enemy! Throw caution to the wind, and sharpen that 10 foot pole into a javelin to give you and your party the best chance of surviving the 5 minute dungeon!


5 minute dungeon is a fast paced, seat of your pants adventure dungeon crawler where you and your friends play valiant heroes trying to beat a dungeon before time runs out. Players work together and use a hand of action cards to match the symbols on the monster cards an make it through all the foes to get to the boss at the end. If you beat the first boss there's plenty more in store and lots more adventures to be had.


2 - 5 players

Game Time: 5 - 30 minutes