A Feast for Odin

A Feast for Odin


Work with your clan of proud Vikings to explore, plunder and collect as you work to become the greates house in the North and beyond.  

The Norman culture was one of great seafaring strength but a lacking agriculture. They would most often sail for surrounding lands like England to rob and pillage those they happened upon. Beyond this though, the Normans had a rich culture, history and pantheon, one that has lasted to this day.


In A Feast for Odin, you and your friends will be stepping into the boots of a Norman and will explore new lands, acquire new belongings and try to grow stronger amongst your fellow Vikings. 


A Feast for Odin is a game of worker placement, set collection and resource management. You will place your meeples around your settlement, use them to gather resources, and then set sail for lands unknown to bring back riches. Once the game is over, the Viking with the most valuable possessions will be victorious! 


1-4 Players

Game time: 30 - 120 minutes