A War of Whispers

A War of Whispers


Manipulate global conflicts to win favour, power and wealth. Many people are fighting for their very lives but from the sidelines this is simply a War of Whispers. 

The world sits on a knifes edge, with five kingdoms vying for supremecy, but you are not one of them. You stand on the sidelines, pulling strings and manipulating the fight to have the result benefit you at end. To many this war is personal, but to you it is simply a War of Whispers. 


A War of Whispers is a deeply tactical and strategic game where players act as spymasters using their agents and other means to manipulate the outcome of a massive conflict for their benefit. Players place bets on the winners of the war at the beginning of the game then deploy their agents throughout the world to enact schemes. Players only have a total of four turns to bend the conflict to their will, and after that the player who bet on the most successful nation will be victorious. 


2-4 Players

Game time: 30-60 minutes

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