Astro Trash

Astro Trash


It's a race against time to get your planet clean, all your space neighbours keep dumping on your world so dump the trash right back! 

We thought our solar system was a lucky one, so many planets, all able to support life. We had an interplanetary federation focused on mutually beneficial works and all was well, then the corporations stepped in. So much production, so much waste, and where was it cheapest to dump it all, our neighbour planets. Now the federation is in shambles and heartless fat cats squabble and fight to offload as much waste as they can. 


Astro Trash is a fast paces, speed based game where each player has to get all the trash off their home planet as quickly as possible. One the game begins there is no order, simply roll dice as fast as you can and move the corresponding number, colour and shape of trash either to your left, right, anywhere or directly into the sun. Play won't stop to let everyone take turns so you need to act as quickly as you can, and once somene has freed up all the trash from their planet, they win! 


3 - 5 Players

Game Time: 10 - 15 minutes

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