Use your trivia knowledge and bluffing skills to trick your friends into thinking your cleverly designed lies are the truth! 

The name is ‘Dr. Ludwig Zamenhof’

Was he a German Scientist who dedicated years to the study of earwigs? The man who pioneered the idea of washing hands between surgeries to reduce infant mortality rates? A Polish ophthalmologist and linguist who invented the international language Esperanto? Or perhaps a successful business man who found his fortune making knitted jackets for goats.

Can you figure it out?


Balderdash is a social deduction game, where players compete to win votes by entering their own false ‘fact’ to bluff their way to victory. Each round a category is chosen containing real but unbelievable content about People, Words, Initials, and Movies. Players create meaning for that content. By writing their own false answer to put into the mix. Once all answers are in both false and true entries are read aloud and players must guess which one is real. You gain points for correct answers and for other players believing your bluff. Get creative, make the strangest, funniest or most logical answer you can to win. The person who accumulates the most points becomes Balderdash champion.


Answer: number 3 is correct.


3 - 6 players

Game Time: 60 minutes