Battletech Clan Invasion Kickstarter Edition

Battletech Clan Invasion Kickstarter Edition




Battle your mates by wielding an epic team of fighter mechs in different scenarios.

Battletech Clan Invasion includes everything you need, made from high quality materials and with so many hard-to-get extras.

Battletech Clan Invasion is a fusion of tabletop gaming, skirmish fighting, RPG miniatures and hobby painting. You control an elite team of armoured artillery in the form of Mechs and with them you decide the fate of humanity.


1,030 years in the future (date: 3050) and a fleet of skilled warriors can be seen on the horizon. A lost remnant of the remade Star League emerges from the outer lands. Their attempt at building a peaceful nation has long fallen by the wayside, corrupted by infighting. In an attempt to breath new life into an old plan they created what is now known as the 20 clans. These clans can be seen hurtling towards the Inner Sphere.Their ancestors had once ventured out from this very city and they now seek to reclaim it, by force.


The Inner Sphere is home to the House of Lords. The 20% of populous who chose to stay behind those many years prior have built up their defences, and are frantically attempting to stall the invasion and find an answer to the onslaught.


Do you have the courage and the aptitude to protect the Inner Sphere and face an army of skillful killers? Or do you ride into battle in an attempt to bring about peace through brutality, the kind of peace your hero Kerensky’s dreamt of?


Choose your side and be the master of your own destiny, and that of all humanity!



  • 5 fully assembled, high-quality unpainted plastic miniatures
  • 2 fully assembled, high-quality unpainted bases of elements
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 2 double-sided, full colour map sheets with all-new battlefields
  • 10 mech warrior cards, each double-sided
  • 5 Alpha Strike cards, each double-sided
  • Punchboard of additional cardboard playing pieces representing all 5 OmniMechs, plus terrain
  • 24-page novella featuring an all-new story told from the Clan point-of-view
  • 16-page Clan Primer
  • Booklet of record sheets
  • Clan Rulebook: expanding on the A Game of Armored Combat rulebook and introducing new rules for the Clans, their OmniMechs, and the high-powered weapons they wield


Extra Kickstarter Items:

  • 3 epic OmniMech posters
  • Daggerstar Keychain
  • x2 Faction d6 dice (random faction)
  • Clan coin (random clan)
  • Salvage Box (1 legendary, 1 urbanmech, 2 Random wave one OnmiMech)
  • Extra Battletech OmniMech record sheets
  • Additional Mech cards



2 - 5 Players

Game Time: 60 minutes