Boss Monster

Boss Monster


After a successful career of looting, pillaging and all around being a bad guy, what you're after now is a nice retirement plan. A cozy dungeon in the hillside piled high with your treasure hoard to keep you company.

Too bad life is never that easy.

It seems someone let slip your plans and now groups of pesky adventurers think they can come over and rob you! Well with the help of some devious traps, ferocious monsters and some evil genius you should be able to keep your hard stolen treasure safe, hopefully. 

Boss Monster is a card based strategy dungeon builder. Players begin with a hand of room cards they set out in front of them to build the most dangerous dungeon they can. Each room presents its own challenge to potential adventurers, and once you’re dungeon is ready, you can invite adventurers in to test its effectiveness. If the heroes die before the end, you can use their loot and essence to bolster your defences for future incursions.


However if they manage to get to your sanctum and get your loot it’ll be that much harder. The first player to acquire 10 souls from defeated heroes will be the winner! 


2-4 Players

Game time: 30 minutes