Bunny Kingdom

Bunny Kingdom


The Rabbit Wars are over, now is the time to rebuild your Kingdoms, expand your territory and become the greatest realm in all the land! 

The glorious rabbit realms have finally entered a peace, after war ravaged the land for many years. Now it’s time to rebuild, expand your influence and strengthen your empire through harvest, mining and the support of noble houses. War may be over, but competition is far from over, now rally your rabbits and become the strongest in the land in Bunny Kingdom!


Bunny Kingdom is a resource management and territory control game. Over 4 rounds players must use their units to explore new territory, gather food for their colonies, and impress nobility. There are many ways to gain points and power in the game, by building new cities, expanding your influence, draft resource cards, and settling in specific areas to collect unique resources. All these factors earn you points and if you end the game with the most, you’re the winner!


2 – 4 players

Game Time: 40 - 60 minutes