Call of Cthulhu Starter Set

Call of Cthulhu Starter Set


Everything you need to have and know to play Call of Cthulhu is right here!



You and your team are investigators in this great mystery that guides you through 4 of Pathfinders epic storylines. This starter kit will introduce you to a new way of playing RPGs.

Welcome to Call of Cthulhu!!!

This Starter Box contains everything you need to start playing this tabletop roleplaying game of mystery and horror.


Choose your Keeper of Arcane Lore (in other words a game master) to referee your adventure. Invite a team of players to your table using pre-made characters, or follow the ‘how to instructions’ and create characters of your own invention. Then let them loose in this gothic horror, like no other.


Dice and the rules of the game determine the success or failure for your character's actions. As far as actions go they are up to you and your imagination. Bring your characters to life and be the masters of their destiny. Both success and failure are equally entertaining so make sure you do plenty of both ;)

Ultimately do whatever you like as long as everyone feels safe and is having fun.



As investigators you and your team will uncover dark secrets, encountering strange monsters, and thwarting sinister cults. Each of your characters plays a leading role, which could be foiling some dastardly plot or stopping horrors from beyond space and time!


This set includes:

  • Book 1 contains a solo introductory adventure called ‘Alone Against The Flames’ that teaches you the basics of Call of Cthulhu as you play through the mystery

  • Book 2 covers the essential rules and contains everything needed for starting play

  • Book 3 consists of three starter adventures for you and your players to explore. Including Paper Chase, Edge of Darkness and Dead Man Stomp

  • Five ready to play characters

  • Blank Investigator Sheets for you to create your own investigators

  • A set of six polyhedral dice for use in the game

  • A set of ready to use props


Indulge in over ten hours of gameplay.

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