Candlekeep Mysteries

Candlekeep Mysteries




Have you heard of Candle keep?!?!?!
They say there exists a library that is as mysterious as it is grand.
Books, tomes, scrolls and all manner of magic and legends are held within its walls. The likes of which would be a dream come true for any wizard or scholar to experience.

They also say it’s built like a fortress. Most people presume it’s a way of protecting the knowledge inside from outside forces that would mistreat or neglect their words of wisdom, but I’m not so sure! I think that it’s a way of protecting the rest of the world from what’s held inside those books.


But what I truly want to know is; Are you brave enough to find out the truth for yourself?!?

A book is pulled from the library shelves and laid upon the table. As it opens players find themselves drawn within its pages. Open the pages of D&D’s Candlekeep Mysteries for yourself and discover its many hidden adventures.

There’s a total of 17 pregenerated, short, stand-alone adventures designed for characters, level 1 - 16. Each adventure begins with the discovery of one of the 17 books. Each book serves as a key to a door of untold mysteries and adventure.


Run each as a one-shot game, combine them into an existing Forgotten Realms campaign, or adapt them into your current RPG campaign setting.
Whichever you choose you’re sure to be in for a thrill!!!


The book also includes a poster size map of the library, containing detailed descriptions of the inhabitants of Candlekeeps’ library fortress.