Ca$h 'n Guns

Ca$h 'n Guns


As sirens blare in the distance, you and your gang of thieves catch your breath, you’ve all made it back to the safe house with your haul of stolen treasures, now is the time to divvy up the score. However things are never that easy, now that the job is done everyone will be in it for themselves so you’ll have to be cunning, devious and lucky to walk away with a big score, and your life!

Ca$h 'n Guns is a social deduction game where your ability to talk is just as important as the cards in your hand and the loot on the table. Over eight rounds you need to secure as much loot as possible by loading blanks or live rounds into your gun and deciding whose getting too greedy and should get shot.


Set collection is another aspect of the game, and when the game is over, whoever has the most of a type of loot like diamonds and paintings, gets bonus points. Whoever has the most points overal will win.


4-8 Players

Game Time: 30 minutes

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