Catan - Cities & Knights Expansion

Catan - Cities & Knights Expansion


Defend and expand your empire with this expansion to the well known classic Catan! Call the Knights!!!

While Cities and Knights follows most of the rules of the basic game as far as resource gathering and building go, there are a few minor changes and a few major changes that should be discussed. The minor changes are as follows:

- The development cards have been removed and replaced by progress cards
- The largest army card has been removed
- The building cost cards are no longer valid and have been replaced by progress trackers
- An event die has been added
- One die has been replaced with a red die
- The win condition is 13 victory points instead of 10
- Instead of placing 2 settlements at the start of the game, players will place 1 settlement and 1 city and then collect the resources or commodities that the city can produce
- In addition to resource cards, there are now commodity cards
- City walls have been added that, when built, allow you to hold an extra two cards per city wall in your hand above the 7 card limit


The major changes

There are two things that really set this game apart from the basic game: the existence of knights and the existence of commodities. Knights are used to defend Catan from the barbarians that will attack throughout the game and commodities are used to build metropolises.


3-4 Players

Game time: 90 minutes