Catan - Seafarers (5-6 Player Extension)

Catan - Seafarers (5-6 Player Extension)


Add more players to the Seafarers expansion and sail the seas with more friends!

Seafarers adds some fun new elements to basic Settlers. Principally:

- A larger playfield; instead of a single large island, there are now several islands.

- Ships! These actually represent shipping routes and work almost the same as roads, except, of course, you can use them to expand onto other islands.

- Gold! Gold hex tiles are like wildcards; they produce whatever resource you feel like.

- Pirates! The pirate ship works a bit like the robber, but instead of stopping resource production, it stops ship building.

Seafarers is notably closer in rules and play-style to original Settlers than the other major expansion, Cities & Knights. Cities and Knights is much more complex, almost a different game, whereas Seafarers just feels like a few very deft tweaks to expand the original.


This is an extention to the Seafarers expansion

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