Catan - Traders & Barbarians (5-6 Player Extension)

Catan - Traders & Barbarians (5-6 Player Extension)


Add more players to arguably the best expansion made for Catan!

Catan: Traders & Barbarians contains 4 variants, which are small scale expansions which can be used with any game and 5 scenarios which are larger-scale expansions.



The Friendly Robber:

This is essentially a house rule that keeps players with less than 3 victory points from being attacked by the robber.


Catan Event Cards:

This is a deck of cards that replaces dice rolls. Instead, you draw a card, and whenever 31 of the 36 cards have been drawn (as marked by a special New Year card) you reshuffle.



This introduces a new victory point card, the Harbormaster which is worth 2 Victory points. Any settlement built at a harbor earns 1 harbor point and any city ea