Caverna: Cave vs Cave

Caverna: Cave vs Cave


You thought you’d find peace out here in the woods in your cave, but that other dwarf across the way continues to test your patience. They keep making their home nicer and nicer and rubbing your face in it. Well you’ll show them, you’ll make the greatest cave home the realms have ever seen!

All Editions

Caverna: Cave vs Cave is a two player worker placement game in which you and your opponent only have a limited time to clear out your small starting caverns for resources and prioritise a strategy you think will give you the best chance at victory. After eight rounds, the player with the best upgrades and the most victory points will be victorious.


1-2 Players

Game time: 40 minutes



In Caverna: Cave vs Cave – Era II  the players start exploring a side cave abundant in ore. Donkeys help you move the ore to the surface so that you can cast iron and forge weapons out of it, to protect your cave from anyone who wishes it harm, of course.


In the meantime, your tribe has grown four primates capable of work. Keep on collecting grains, fibers, and building resources to increase your wealth. Shortly you will be engaging in agriculture.


1-2 Players

Game time: 60 minutes

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