Chessex: Battlemat Reversible - Squares and Hexes

Chessex: Battlemat Reversible - Squares and Hexes


The essential chessex battle mat, used by all tabletop RPG's around the world!

Sizing: Battlemat = 26” x 23½” (66cm x 60cm)


Chessex mats are made from expanded vinyl to bring you the highest quality mat currently available.


These mats, first made available in 2002, build on Chessex's repu­tation for single-sided vinyl game mats. The specially-made vinyl features the same eye-pleasing oyster color as their earlier existing single-sided mats while being made in such a way to give a flat surface for writing. Using water-soluble overhead-projection pens (NOT dry erase, grease pencil, or permanent markers), you can write on the vinyl and remove later with water when the drawing is no longer needed.


Never use dry erase, permanent, or grease-pencil markers. The vinyl is too porous for the lines created from them to be able to be removed. If you have any doubt of the suitability of any particular
marker, draw a small line on the border, let sit for a while, and see how well it can be removed. Better to have a small permanent blemish on the edge of the mat than a permanent map drawn on the entirety of the mat!