Citidels - Classic

Citidels - Classic


Work to build the greatest buildings in the land and grow a thriving metropolis, all while competing with and potentially sabotaging your rivals!

This town is certainly on the grow in recent years, plenty of healthy trade, wealthy citizens and new construction. As one such wealthy citizen you've got a reputation to uphold, and the latest trend amongst your rivals is to build the greatest structures anyone has ever seen. Will you be the greatest of them all, or will your designs fall short? Find out in Citadels! 


Citadels is a hand and resource management game, in which each player needs to build great structures in their city. Each round a player hires a new contractor to get work done for them, each one with a special ability, These contractors can knock out a rival for a turn, steal gold, steal blueprints to a building, knock a finished one down and much more. The buildings you finish either give you a passive buff or a special ability, and once the first player has finished their 8th building the game ends, and the player with the most points is the winner!


2-8 Players

Game time: 30-60 minutes