Gather your gear, ready your weapons and get ready for a DUNGEON DIVE! You and your party have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to happen upon the lair of a dragon, most would think it folly to tempt fate within, but you’re adventurers! You know of what great and spectacular loot lies beyond the threshold, what’s a little risk for such a reward.

Clank! is a very creative deck building game.


The cards in your deck allow you to fight the dangers you find, move around the area and increase your skill as you progress. Will you build a rippling barbarian who can cleave a goblin in half, a quick and agile rogue sneaking and dashing about the dungeon or something else entirely?


It’s up to you to build your character however you want.Your goal is to get the most and best loot as well as collecting sets such as rare art, diamonds and other relics for additional points at the end of the game. Whoever has the best haul at the end of the game shall be declared the Greatest Thief in the Realm!


2–4 players

Game time: 60 minutes

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