Clank! In Space

Clank! In Space


A dark cloud has fallen over the galaxy; the villainous Lord Eradikus is nearing victory in the war. He sits without his flagship, Eradikus Prime spreading war and death, if only someone would rise up and oppose him…

You don’t have to worry about fighting Eradikus though, that would be silly! You’re no heroes or space wizards; you are a team of thieves and hackers who have made their way aboard the flagship to do what you do best, rob him blind!


Clank! in Space is an adventuring deck building game, where each of you takes on the role of thieves trying to sneak around the enemy flagship and steal from it without attracting too much attention.


You’ll use a deck of cards as your pool of abilities, allowing you to fight, move around and grow stronger as the mission plays out. You may be a party, but whoever ends up with the best haul at the end will be crowned the winner. Do you have what it takes?


2-4 Players

Game time: 90 minutes