Concept Kids

Concept Kids


Use this delightful and simple version of Concept as a fun and engaging educational tool to help children learn all about animals

Concept is a delightful game where players use a variety of clues and components to express an idea to their fellow players. Now, a new version of the game has been released aimed at children. The game is co-operative as opposed to competitive like the original Concept and is aimed at children who have not yet learned to read.


In Concept Kids, players will receive a card prompt which is an animal and will use various markers and tokens on the board to indicate what animal they have. The markers are separated into sections such as colour, preferred terrain, home and body parts. For example, if someone received a seagull card, they would place markers on the beach and ocean tile, as well as the wings, 2 legs and feathers markers.


2 - 12 Players 

Game Time: 20 minutes