Clear, crystal like dice in dasling colours.

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D20 sets of seven dice, sold in their own travel tube.


Equinox is when the sun crosses the celestial equator, day and night become of approximately equal length and it's believed to be a powerful and magical moment. These soft purple dice with white numbers capture that very moment.


Evergreen is the gentle green of leaves that remain lush in the wind all year round, with crisp, fresh white numbers.


Rocks of Flying, like the potion of opaque white clouds on a clear day, encased in a vile of baby pink numbers.


Secret Passage is a blend of bright baby blue dice, hiding behind stark white numbers. Discover them for yourself, just like a try rogue.


Sunbathed Elixir are translucent math rocks, bathed in a soft yellow hue with fragments of white numbers.


Transient Being holds the essence of another within their lucid pink tones, covered in white numbers.


Acrylic dice are a wonderful addition to any game. With such a vast range of colours and accents you’re sure to find a set, or several, that fit your campaign perfectly.

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