Dancing Eggs

Dancing Eggs


Silly fun as you run around the table, cock-a-doodle-doo, and hold eggs on your body!

The rules are very simple, roll the red die. Do what it says. Next. Well, that maybe too simplified.


You do roll the red die and watch the icon. Whoever reacts correctly to the icon first, wins an egg. Rubber eggs are one point, the wooden egg is two points. Once you have won an egg, you have to roll the white die to determine where it goes. You don’t get to hold it where you want to. You may have to hold in in the crook of your arm, under your neck, between your knees, etc.


First time an egg drops, count the point values of the eggs you are holding. Most wins.


Clear the chairs from your table and play standing up. Make sure there are no breakables around you as you will be running around the table at some point.


Hard to do with rubber eggs on your body! The game plays quick, with quite a lot of laughter every single time I have seen it played. It is really a press your luck/dexterity game that can have the rules modified quite a bit to suit your needs.


2-4 Players

Game time: 10 minutes