Detective Club

Detective Club


Use your wits and savvy to bluff your way to victory with gorgeous artwork and well placed words! 

Being a detective is hard work, you need a lot of schooling, good instincts and an agile mind. However one of the most valuable skills is being able to spot a liar. The game Detective Club is going to demand exactly that of you, so find your shadiest group of friends and put your devious skills to the test in spotting a liar or being one yourself!


Detective Club is a bluffing party game. Each player has a hand of cards with beautiful art on them. Then on a players turn they must choose two cards from their hand that share a property, like animals, blue or metal. They then write that trait on all but one notebook, jumble the books up and pass them to the other players. Then all players must play cards that they feel closely matches the trait, except the person who received no word, who has to guess! Once the cards are placed each player must justify their choices, and this is where the players have to figure out who never got the word. If players can guess correctly, they win points; then after several rounds of this are played, the one with the most points is the winner!


4 – 8 players

Game Time: 45 minutes