Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island


A lesson I think we as a people have all learned these past few decades is that humanity cannot be trusted with the power to bring dinosaurs back to life and ESPECIALLY not if those same dinosaurs are going to be exhibits in some kind of park. Fortunately that’s a problem for future you, because that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing!

Collect and research dinosaur DNA, piece it back together, revive these majesty beasts and use them to populate the most thrilling Dinosaur Island the world has ever seen!


Dinosaur Island is a set collecting and resource management dice game.


Players will take control of their own Dinosaur Island that you can customise to your hearts content, just make sure to keep it safe. If you plan to keep carnivores in your zoo, make sure you give them enough space and PLENTY of security or you may end up starring in your very own dino park themed disaster movie.


At the end of the game, whoever has put together the best and most successful Dinosaur Island will be crowned the winner.


1-4 players

Game time: 120 minutes

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