Don't Get Got

Don't Get Got


In this party game, each player gets six secret missions to pull off. First to three wins. 


This isn't a sit-down-at-a-table sort of game – you play it alongside whatever else you're doing. So whether you're at home, on holiday or at a party, you'll always be looking for sneaky ways to get them... before they get you. 



Hi I'm Lucien, you might of seen me around Games Lab, I can often be found behind the bar! This week I'm talking about Don't Get Got! And I can guarantee you, it is not your average game by any means...


This game is very easy to understand, this party game can be played with up to 10 people and will have you giggling until the very end! Each player gets 6 secret missions to undertake, these simple little pranks to play on your friends can be undertaken at any point until the game is over.


Unlike other games, you play Don't Get Got in the background, so whether your at home with your family or playing these fun pranks on your co-workers this game is endless! The really great thing about running your secret missions in the background, you can still spend your night playing other games at the same time!


Each player receives a mission wallet to carry their mission cards with them where ever they go. when you complete a mission you get to very satisfyingly tell your opponent "YOU GOT GOT!" and can track your success by turning and displaying the "NAILED IT!" part of the card.


BUT theres a sneaky catch! If your opponent works out what you're trying to make them do, they can accuse you! If you get accused of undergoing a mission for the game you fail! when you fail a mission you can't try it again, so you've got to be extra sneaky!

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