Pack your lucky socks and get the family ready for an adventure exploring Dragonrealm!

Sneak into the Witch’s Cabin, search the Ogres’ Treehouse, or storm the Dragon’s Lair. Add adventurers to different locations in the hopes of getting the most treasure. But watch out for goblins who might get there first and grab the treasure before you!

Dragonrealm continues the classic progression towards Dungeons and Dragons that Dragonwood starts and is a great game for families and young children!


Using the same thematic world as Dragonwood, players now take on capturing locations using adventurer pawns.

Players will play card melds of straights and sets (colour or number) to roll dice and attempt to place units on locations. Once a location is full, it is scored.


New locations are revealed to be captured. Players continue in this manner until enough locations are captured. Each location is worth points, and additional points are awarded for other events. In the end, the player with the most treasure wins.


2-4 Players

Game Time: 30 minutes