This planet of ours is such an amazing balancing act in the world around us. Grass is nourished by sky and water, deer eat grass to survive, and wolves eat deer. If there are too many wolves, all the deer die, same for deer and grass, all these subtle crucial pieces are moving in the background, but now you get to take control of the scales of nature, you and your friends can make your own ecosystem.

Ecosystem in a card based drafting game. In drafting games you make ‘packs’ of cards at the start of the game at random, then pass them around the table for players to take one card at a time. Each card is a component of the ecosystem you need to balance, with 11 in total.


You place the cards in front of you as soon as you get them and slowly expand your ecosystem to ultimately be a 4 x 5 grid. The goal is to make sure that the different animals and plants are adjacent to what they need to survive and thrive. Bears need bees and fish nearby and the trout need to be by streams and so on. Ultimately the player who has made the most effective ecosystem and earned the most points doing it will be dubbed Mother Nature and the winner of this lovely game. 


2 - 6 Players

Game ime: 20 minutes

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