Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards


Layer on some eye liner and blast some 80’s rock, it’s time for a magical duel of epic proportions!

You and your fellow wizardly rivals have come together once again to assemble wild and wonderful combinations of spells, all with the goal to bewilder, befuddle and best your foes, and be the most awesome spell caster in the land! Many wizards enter, only one may leave the Epic Spell Wars!

Epic Spell Wars is a card based spell creation battle game. Each turn, you choose a source, flavour and delivery of a spell from the 8 cards in your hand.

Depending on how well your spell components work together, you could create a devastating volley of destructive force, or you could just choose the spell with the silliest name and see what happens.


This game is well and truly designed not to be taken seriously, in the best way possible. That’s all part of the fun! It is a duel though, so after all is said and done, whichever wizard walks away alive will be the most AWESOME!


2-6 Players

Game time: 30 minutes