Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards - Panic at the Pleasure Palace

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards - Panic at the Pleasure Palace


Throw down the magical gauntlet and duel with your friends! Create the wackiest, craziest, silliest or most broken spells and do your best to come out on top! 

It looks like visiting that marshland was a mistake, who would’ve guessed. Now though you think you’ve figured out the best place to be for some peace and relaxation, the Pleasure Palace. Sadly it looks like this place is full of its own varieties of randy wizards after some stress relief of their own. So between romantic visits you’ll need to dispatch some rival casters who threaten to ruin your time here. So get ready for some crazy action, and be sure you’ve prepared ‘Detect Poison and Disease’ for the latest Epic Spell Wars: Panic at the Pleasure Palace!


Epic Spell Wars – Panic at the Pleasure Palace is a PvP spell creation game. Just like the original, each player has a hand of 8 cards and they combine together different spell components on those cards to create the silliest, craziest and deadliest spells they can think of. You choose a source; flavour and delivery of the spell then see how well your spell components work well together. You could create a devastating volley of destructive force, or you could just choose the spell with the silliest name and see what happens. In the Pleasure Palace there seem to be new magical effects at play, including Magically Transmitted Diseases which have drawbacks but could strengthen your spells, and standees that can protect you from the MTD’s if you’d rather avoid them. So get slinging some spells and fight to be the last caster standing and win!


2 – 6 players

Game Time: 30 minutes

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