Take on the persona of adorable forest critters, strike out from your home and work to found a new settlement in which to thrive!

Your forest home grows strong after many years of hard work. Life is good, society is thriving and the time has come to expand to somewhere new. Play as one of mant adorable forest creatures forging a new path and building a new village in the kingdom of Everdell. 


Everdell is a worker placement game where each player acts as the leader of a settler party establishing a new home out in the mysterious woods. Play is broken up into 4 seasons and over time you send your workers out to collect resources, play a variety of cards to improve your settlement and watch time pass between seasons. After 1 year passes in the game the player with the finest and most developed settlement will be declared the winner. 


1-4 Players

Game time: 40-80 minutes