Fairy Season

Fairy Season


Gather your goblin posse and collect as many fairies as you can! They are difficult to catch but their dust makes a delicious drink! 

The fae forests truly are a sight to behold. Beautiful rolling hills, flowing rivers and ancient twisting trees. All around them, living in knots of wood and quaint homes are fairies; wee folk who make the woods their home and watch over the natural world. But fairies aren't the only magical creatures in these woods, as groups of Goblins hide in the undergrowth, capturing faries and adding their dust to a winter beverage. 



In Fairy Season, each player acts as the leader of a goblin warren instructing their underlings to capture as many fairies as they can. This is done by playing fairy, golbin and other cards in a pile, which is both added to and taken from by the effect of other cards. After four seasons of fairy collecting, the warren with the most fairies is the winner! 


3 - 5 Players

Game Time: 15 -25 minutes