Five Crowns

Five Crowns


Five Crowns is rummy with a five-suited deck and a twist.

In Five Crowns, the goal in each round is to get as few points as possible. In the 1st round, each player is dealt out 3 cards and all the 3’s and Jokers are wild.


The player left of the dealer draws either the top card of the discard pile or a card off the top of the deck. Following that, they then discard one card. If a player is able to place all his cards at once into runs or sets of 3 or more, he plays them all down in front of him. Otherwise, the next player goes. When a player is able to play all of his cards, every other player has one turn and on that turn plays as many runs or sets of 3 and up as possible.


However, players cannot play on other players’ runs or sets like other Rummy games if there are any unplayable cards left in-hand. All the points of the cards left in the hand at the end of the round is the score for that round.

During the next round, dealing moves to the left, and players are dealt 4 cards each with 4’s and jokers as wild. These rounds are repeated up and up until “the kings go wild” when players are dealt 13 cards. All of the scores are added up and the lowest score is the winner.

1-7 Players

Game time: 30 minutes