Forbidden Desert

Forbidden Desert


Forbidden Desert is a coop game where all the players are trying to escape a dangerous desert with a storm moving through it.

The game is set up with a bunch of tiles laid face down and all look the same (except for the tiles with water possibly under them). On each turn you can use 4 actions. Each action can be any one of the following:

-Move to an adjacent tile that does not have 2 or more sand on it.
-Remove 1 sand from an adjacent tile or the tile you are on.
-Flip the tile you are on as long as there is no sand on it.
-Pick up a piece of the ship you are trying to get out of the desert on.

You can also do one of the following as a free action (so it does not count towards the 4, and you can do them at any time):

-Give a water slot to a person on your tile.
-Trade pieces of equipment with people on your tile.

Each player is also given a specific role. Each role has special abilities (or just one special ability).

After each turn you draw cards from the storm deck, this could be that the storm moves, and when the storm moves you add sand tiles, or it could be the sun beats down meaning anyone unprotected loses water, or it could be the storm picks up meaning the storm meter increases and when it gets to a certain point you will draw more storm cards after each players' turn.

You lose the game if one player runs out of water, or if the storm meter reaches the top, or if you run out of sand tiles to place.


You can only win if you pick up all the pieces of the ship and get to the helipad all at the same time.


2-5 Players

Game time: 45 minutes

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