Get Bit!

Get Bit!


"We're going to need a bigger boat." Swim for your lives everyone, and make sure you're not at the back of the line or the shark will find you, and you'll Get Bit! 

It was a pleasant sunny day at the beach. Many locals and tourists alike had flocked to the shore to soak in the sun, have a good time and go swimming in the beautiful oceans. Unfortunately, something seems to be lurking in the murky depths. You and your fellow swimmers are far out at sea, and it's a long swim back to the shore, will you make it back in one piece? Will you make it back at all? 


Get Bit is a nerve wracking card and token game where each player takes on the role of a swimmer trying ot get to shore while being chased by a shark. Players use a posable token to represent themselves lined up with the others, and use cards to adjust their order. After a round of playing cards and jostling for your position, the player at the back of the group is attacked and loses a limb. Play continues until only 2 swimmers remain, and the lead swimmer is the winner! 


3 - 6 Players

Game Time: 20 minutes