Get Bit! Deluxe

Get Bit! Deluxe


Imagine playing poker while a shark chases you down all the while you attempt to outrun your friends and be the last standing with most of your limbs intact.

Players have a hand of cards numbered 1-6 (or through 7 in a 5 player game). Every round a card is played face-down then revealed to see where in the line the swimmers are.

The lowest number revealed allows the respective swimmer to move to the front of the line, followed by the next lowest number, etc. The only catch is if same numbers are revealed, the swimmers that revealed those numbers don't move at all. So now we have a fairly interesting bluffing or guessing mechanic.


At the end this, the swimmer who is closest to the shark loses a limb, and moves to the front of the line, and picks up all cards that they have played up until this point. Also if a player has less than 2 cards at this point, they also pick up their played cards. Now the game moves more from the guessing side to strategy and bluffing, as cards that are played allow the other players to know the remaining contents of a players hand. This creates an interesting scenario of deciding what to play.


Lower cards could be good to move one first if the other players play the same numbers. Playing higher cards is generally better if numbers don't match, but then you have less of them to play for a while and other players knowing this, may purposefully try to match you if it is advantageous to them. Losing limbs is only a setback for a while as you have 4 to lose before you die, losing a limb isn't that bad at first, especially if you want cards back.

As this is a more player focused game, it is only really as interesting as the players playing it, so this could be a setback for some people. Though, for how simple and small this game is, it creates a much deeper experience than I would have first thought.


3-6 Players

Game time: 20 minutes

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