Gloom of Thrones: Deluxe

Gloom of Thrones: Deluxe


Can you foil your fellow competitors by placing a seductive sibling in their path to boost their happiness, causing an early demise by releasing the hounds or forcing your own character into an unhappy marriage just to plummet their self worth and win the game?


Gloom of thrones sets a spin on normal victory by granting honor through death and glorifying all those ill-fated enough to sit upon the porcelain throne.

Smash several mirrors, seek out all the black cats you can find to cross your path and put your bad luck to work in this thrilling adventure of satire and gloom at its finest.

Gloom of Thrones, is a wonderfully morbid game that will require all the cunning skills you possess to cause agony, heart ache and turmoil for a family in your care.


Each player starts the game with a noble family in their charge. Their ultimate goal is to finish the game with the lowest self worth points possible. Making your family far more unhappy then all the others in the land.


Players do this by taking turns to place cards from their hand. All cards are elegantly designed with clear surroundings. This means that each noble character can host several cards upon their person. The cards change the fate of the characters, while showing you their journey through the clear surroundings.

There are event cards that resolve immediately, modifier cards that are placed on characters to drastically alter their destiny, story icons that trigger events and untimely demise cards that make the end of a character's life.


Be mindful that as with any properly corrupt kingdom every player wants to claim the glory of the porcelain throne for themselves. This is a prestigious thing indeed with a whole -30 self worth for any player unlucky enough to keep it. However the throne can only be claimed by a living monarch.


The game ends when a full blood line is cut short in their prime. At this point all players count the misery of their dead and the foul stench of the porcelain throne is added to whomever was able to claim it. Once points are tallied and misery compared, the player with the family whose self worth plummeted the furthest wins!


Get this game and become the sadist of your very own gloomy kingdom and share in epic tales of your own creation!


Gloom of Thrones Deluxe Edition Contains:

- the same cards and rules as the base game

- 4 beautiful full-colour player mats

- A satisfying metal Porcelain Throne token

- A deluxe box to hold your dragon eggs, or player mats

- A box insert that serves as a draw and discard pile during play

- Deluxe box also comes with a horrible surprise. Dragon eggs not included.



2-4 Players

Game time: 60 minutes

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