Heart and Brain Party Game

Heart and Brain Party Game


From the mind of the Awkward Yeti comes a game of truth and dares like never before! Use your heart and brain in unison so cute!

Bring your heart and brain to the table in this highly aclaimed party game.


Heart brings the whimsy and brain the logic. You will need the might of both to be victorious. Both have cards of their own, which will test your trivia knowledge, challenge you with voting, truth/dare and asses your responce to different scenarios.


You'll earn a heart or brain game pieces by performing these tasks, voting correctly, having the funniest answers and winning challenges.


Play begins by rolling a die:

- If you get heart, draw a card from the heart deck.

- If you get brain, draw a card from the brain deck.

- If you get heart and brain, choose a card from either deck.

- If you get a butterfly, flip a coin and call heart or brain before it lands. If it lands on the side you called, you automatically get that token and can roll again until you get a card.


Players race to collect 3 heart and 3 brain tokens. You cannot earn more than 3 of either game piece. Whoever collects 3 of each first is the winner!



3 - 6 Players

Game Time: 60 minutes