High Society

High Society


I don't like the cut of your jib, you don't have what it takes to be in the High Society.

Mechanically, this one’s a pie. It’s easy to slip into the social duel of a round-table bid. It bears more than a few similarities to the classic No Thanks! and For Sale. There’s that typical alternating one upmanship as the offers escalate and bills flow from your fingertips.

The concept is that we’re all living it up, trying to hack it in the realm of the socially elite. We’re those smiling grand bastards making up the one percent and dropping wads of cash as fast as we earn it.

The winner of each auction acquires some new fancy duds or even a ridiculous banquet of food far too rich for my cockroach blood. Where Knizia upsets the cart is in mixing in two special types of cards a few worth negative points and a few that multiple your score by two.
The bidding for those cards that represent scandals and faux paus work in reverse the first player to drop out takes the rotten cake and the others discard their cash.


If you manage to avoid elimination, then you compare your total points against those of the other elitists, with a single player claiming victory as the highest of snobs.


3-5 Players

Game time: 30 minutes