Hive - Pocket

Hive - Pocket


Protect the Queen and dethrone the other in the clever abstract game of Hive Pocket. Use all 13 of your unique bugs to outsmart and outmaneauver your opponent! 

Crawl into the bustling world of life as an insect with Hive Pocket! Each player takes on the role of an Insect Queen with a team of subjects at her command, and it's their job to completely surround thier opponents Queen while keeping them from doing the same. 


Hive Pocket is the miniature version of the original Hive and contains both the Mosquito and Ladybug expansions. The game has no traditional board as the bugs you play make up the play space. Each player has 13 unique bugs at their disposal, all with special kinds of movement and abilities to do battle with their opponent.


Gameplay is simple, on your turn you either move one of the bugs you have in play, or play a new one from your collection. The game will ultimately end when one player has overwhelmed the other and surrounded their Queen. 


2 Players

Game time: 20 minutes

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