KeyForge Call of the Archons! Archons Deck


It is a time of great unrest in the science fiction future, as tenuous alliances of different factions form unique and interesting teams of warriors. The objective is clear though, get as much amber as you can and start forging keys like there’s no tomorrow! You helm one of these teams and it’s up to you to lead your unique band of aliens, beasties and mysterious space travellers to victory, do you have what it takes?


KeyForge is a very unique deck based card game for 2 players. Each keyforge deck is unique; literally, the game is intentionally made so that no two decks will ever be the same. At heart KeyForge is a resource management card game, with the focus being on playing creatures from your hand of cards and using them to generate amber. However if that’s all you focus on then you leave yourself and your forces vulnerable to an attack from your opponent who may take all your amber for themselves. Once you collect amber, you forge it into a key, and the first player to forge 3 keys will be the winner!

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