Kingdom builder


Long live the Monarch, and all the land they rule over! Setting out from the comfort of your castle you see ample land before you, ripe for the taking. The terrain is varied but you see potential in all of it, soon you can spread your influence wide across the land, or you could, if not for your competition. Other ‘so called’ rulers are also trying to build their own kingdoms, so it is up to you to outsmart, outmanoeuvre and outplay them to take the crown for yourself!  


Kingdom Builder is a unit placement and tile acquisition game for 2 – 4 players. You and your friends will each play as a monarch seeking to claim the varied landscape for your own. You use a hand of terrain cards to decide where you may place your meeples on a turn, and each of you gets your own special power to use to aid in a certain kind of strategy. There are a wide range of different terrain pieces to use during setup so this game has excellent replay value. Once all players have played their meeples, scores will be tallied and the player who has the most points will be the one true ruler!