Machi koro - 5th anniversary edition

Machi koro - 5th anniversary edition


Lead your new, budding town, and help it prosper by collecting resources and building businesses and attractions! 

Congratulations, you’ve just been elected Mayor of the up and coming city of Machi Koro. It’s a beautiful place to be sure, although it seems the facilities are somewhat lacking, but you’ve come prepared to fix all that. Over time you’ll work towards building new businesses, a theme park, a radio tower and factories. Don’t relax too much though, as other mayors have been elected into neighbouring towns and will be trying to best you at every turn.


Machi Koro is a card based tile improvement game. Each turn, players will roll dice to generate resources from their buildings based on the die rolls, but like Settlers of Catan, every player benefits from other players’ rolls. You spend these resources to develop your town, improve your structures and finish all the landmark projects you have to complete. Be careful though, as your rival mayors might be trying to sabotage you by stealing away your precious resources. Machi Koro is a very fast paced game that escalates quickly as you play. Speed is the priority with this game, because the first person to finish all their landmarks will win!


2-4 players

Game time: 30 minutes

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