Magic Maze Kids

Magic Maze Kids




Quick! We need your help!!! Gather more helpers and work together to journey across the forest and find the correct ingredients that will make a potion to cure him.

Magic Maze Kids is a cooperative game set in an animal kingdom where the players are trying to make a potion to save the king, after he was turned into a frog. I guess true loves’ kiss only works on princes. The game style is very similar to Magic Maze but specifically adapted for young players.


Each player controls any hero on their turn but they can only move each hero in one designated direction. Each hero also has their own special ability and players will need to work together to take their heroes through the maps, accomplish goals and complete their quest before the timer runs out.


Advanced play options:

  • Players can’t talk during timed play

  • Players switch direction tiles whenever something happens


This is a great game that kids will love and is a beautiful way to introduce younglings to the main mechanics of role playing games (RPGs like dungeons & dragons). They learn about teamwork, problem solving, open communication and different player abilities that can be used together to make things even more fun. There are also several double-sided maps that players get to move through and interact with as they complete their quest. 


Overall it’s a great way to encourage kids to be interactive in a constructive and friendly manor. Plus it’s loads of fun!



2 - 4 Players

Game Time: 25 minutes

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