Use your business savvy and careful timing to be the greatest rug merchant of Marrakech. 

The bustling markets of Marrakech are truly a sight to behold. Exotic fruits, beautiful clothes, lanterns and, most importantly, carpets, can be found for sale here. Competition is fierce amongst you and your fellow carpet merchants, especially when the Assam comes to visit. Then you will need to use all your cunning and guile to sell as many of your rugs to him as you can, while keeping your competition from doing the same. 


Marrakesh is a dice based carpet placement game. Each player starts the game with 10 carpets and 10 gold to your name and during the game, you need to try to sell all your carpets as fast as possible. Each turn you roll the die to determine where the Assam will go in the markets of Marrakesh and as he browses and buys, you place your carpets before him. If the Assam stops in front of a carpet, he buys it! Marrakesh is an exciting and cutthroat game where competition is fierce and where luck needs to be in your favour too. The game ends whenever a merchant has successfully sold all their carpets, then the richest of you will be recognised as the best seller in the market!


2-4 players

Game time: 30 minutes

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