Mountains of Madness

Mountains of Madness


Gather your party and set out on an all new expedition up the perilous slopes of the Mountains of Madness. Unlock the secrets hidden within but be careful not to lose yourself along the way. 

Take a step into the world of Lovecraftian terror with this, the Mountains of Madness! A great mountain peak has recently been discovered amongst the snow of the Antarctic, and you and your fellow adventurers have been tasked with making it to the summit. You’ll need to tread carefully and manage your supplies as you climb ever higher, but there’s more to it than that. This climb will test your sanity as well as your body, will you be able to hold it together long enough to reach the summit of the Mountains of Madness?


Mountains of Madness is a card based co-operative exploration game. The board itself is made up of various cards that represent different stages of your climb. As you climb higher and reach new locations, you reveal the card you land on and face the challenge (or gain the boon) that comes with it. Communication is key in this game, as you and your teammates must work together to tackle the obstacles you face along the way.


Ultimately, if your team makes it to the summit, you win, however if the mountain claims you before you reach the top, the game will be the winner!


3-5 players

Game time: 60 - 90 Minutes

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