Munchkin Deluxe

Munchkin Deluxe


Jump into a classic parody of a dungeon crawl looter with Munchkin! Work to get to the end while saving and backstabbing your fellow players at every opportunity! Munchkin Deluxe helps turn this card game into a board game with included board and pieces to track player progress.

Gather together your party, kick in the door and roll for initiative! It's time to dive into a dungeon crawl with the classic hit game Munchkin. Grow in strength as you play and try to get to the end first, but be careful, your fellow players may try to sabotage you!


In Munchkin, each player takes on the role of an adventurer, delving into a series of connected dungeon rooms. You begin the game with a vareity of race, class, equipment and monster cards that you can use as you play. A lot of your starting cards will make you stronger, but the monster cards are used to hinder an opponent. If it looks like they're progressing too quickly, you can play your monster card to increase their challenge and force them to lose. 


Each monster you beat and room you clear gives you loot and levels, letting you grow stronger the more you advance. The player who makes it to the 10th room of the dungeon first is the winner! 


3 - 6 Players

Game time: 60 - 120 minutes