Work in the remote coastal town of Nusfjord to harvest resources. fish the seas and grow your business to be the greatest around. 

The remote settlement of Nusfjord lies in the north of Norway, and it stands as a monument to trade and industry in the region. Fishing is plentiful, resources can be found on land and at sea. However the issues are a lack of money and fierce competition. Your fishing company will be working hard to build up funds, a fleet of ships and reputation amongst the village elders. Be careful though, if you try too hard to please others, you may have nothing to take home for yourself. 


Nusfjord is a worker placement and resource management game. You and your fellow players will use your workers to gather resources from the nearby forest and sea to build improvements for your company.


Since money is so tight, you have the option to sell shares in your own company, this could make you a healthy profit, but if another player buys them, you may have to give some of your fishing haul to them! In the end, whichever company has the best facilities and the largest profits will be victorious.


1-5 players

Game time: 20 - 100 minutes