Pandemic Legacy - Red Edition

Pandemic Legacy - Red Edition


The world is at a breaking point as diseases ravage the populace. Work together with your team of experts to battle the threat, treat these illnesses and save the world, before it's too late. 

Herald as the legacy game to play and the first amoung now many of impactful and interesting legacy games.


The world stands on a knife's edge, disease is running rampant and people are dying. This pandemic could spell disaster for humanity, luckily for us, you’re here to help. An expert team of medics, researchers, builders and more stand to defend us from what lies ahead, but it won’t be easy. You and your team need to work together, as you dash from epidemic to epidemic trying to keep things under control, all the while fighting to find a cure. Will you succeed, will you beat this Pandemic? Only time will tell. 


Pandemic Legacy is a cooperative illness management and set collecting game. Like the original Pandemic, you and your team each have 4 actions on your turn to travel the board, combat diseases, trade research and build infrastructure to help battle illnesses. What’s different about Pandemic Legacy is that you will be doing this for a year.


Each time you play, you’ll encounter new challenges, diseases will mutate, your characters will get boons and banes, and they might even die if you’re not careful. A Legacy experience is one that will last quite a while and will be completely unique to your playgroup. There are many ways for the game to go, but ultimately if you defeat all the illnesses, you and your team will have beaten the game and will win. 


2-4 players

Game time: 60 minutes

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