Pass The Pigs: Big Pigs

Pass The Pigs: Big Pigs


Roll for victory with this adorable, pig shaped dice game. It deals with probability and chance in the most endearing and entertaining way. Plus it's portable so you can have fun wherever you are.

Pass the Pigs is a fast paced and highly portable game of chance and probablility.


Players take turns trying their luck for points by rolling the dice, that look like actual pig miniatures, with a dot on their right flanks. These pigs are bigger then the original game making them perfect for large groups or picnics, while also being safe for children.


The game contains:

- a pocket travel case

- two pig shaped dice

- two pencils

- a scoring booklet & scoring table.


The object is to be the first to score 100 points using pigs as dice.

On your turn, you throw the pigs and hope they end up in a scoring position such as a "snouter," "trotter," or "leaning jowler" (ranging in value from 1 to 60 points). 


If they do, you decide whether to "cash" the points (pass the pigs to the next player) or to roll again. If you roll a non-scorer ("pig out" - one pig on the right flank, the other on the left flank; a fairly frequent result), you lose any as-yet-uncashed points. If you throw an "oinker" (both pigs touching each other), you lose your entire accumulated score. If you throw a "piggyback" (one pig on top of the other), you're altogether eliminated!


2+ players (great with 4)

Game time: 15 minutes